Declutter First

I am Donna, a mom of 9 children with 2 sets of triplets. As the family and children grew, stuff entered the house. I turned into Crazy Mom, printing out chore charts, cleaning schedules, and searching for the perfect way to organize and clean, always trying to make the family follow my ideas.

In desperation, an internet search found Dana K. White’s 5-Step Decluttering Method, which answered my overwhelmed mind’s question: Where do I start? The answer: Declutter First!

The starting point made so much sense to me! I am no longer Crazy Mom trying to get everyone to follow my next best plan.

Working together through the No Mess Method of decluttering, we make progress and leave the home better than when we started.

I am patient and nonjudgmental but also firm. I am a mom of 9.

• In-person services available in the Baltimore/Washington Area and beyond
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