Q: What is the format for becoming a coach? videos? training? manual? Curious to how you have set this up. I have struggled with following online courses so I would like a little information on how you teach.

A: The teaching is primarily done through recorded video that you can watch at any time. (Some teaching is through writing or audio.) Students will go through the sections of the course and complete the assessments. The assessments are designed to help you really understand the content and to show that you understand the content. For example, you’ll watch a decluttering session I did with a client who had never heard of my decluttering process before, take notes on the session and answer questions about the session.

The sections of the course are listed here.

Q: I am very interested in this certification but need to know the length of the training and specifics – what day(s) it falls on, whether it is self-paced, etc.

The Decluttering Coach Training Course is completely self-paced. Our estimate is that the time to complete the course will be around twelve to fifteen hours, not including reading Dana’s books (Decluttering at the Speed of Life and How to Manage¬† Your Home Without Losing Your Mind, which are not included in the course but are required). If you are already very familiar with Dana’s decluttering methods, our guess is that it will take you less time to complete. You’ll have access to the course for as long as it exists, so you can come back and re-watch or re-read the content as many times as you’d like.

Please note that you can take the Decluttering Coach Training Course and are not obligated to pursue certification.

The certification is available to you once you have successfully completed the course. After you complete the course, you’ll receive the links for certification, which can be paid for in monthly or yearly payments. Regular price will be $39/month or $400/year. Those who purchase the course before December 31, 2022 will get a personalized coupon via email that will make their first year of certification only $250 if they choose the yearly payment option.

Our course grader will check your assessments once you purchase certification, and will let you know of anything that needs additional attention from you. Once everything has successfully been completed, your coach listing will go live on DeclutteringCoaches.com.

Certification resources and payments will be set up through Teachable as well. As long as payment is current, you’ll have access to all certification resources in your Teachable account. Certification includes a listing on DeclutteringCoaches.com/find-a-coach, monthly trainings (which will be available in Teachable to be accessed any time), a Facebook group for coaches to interact with one another, and decluttering workshop curriculum and permission to teach the workshop as long as you’re certified.

Some monthly trainings will be pre-recorded and some will take place live in the Facebook group or on Zoom. If they are live, the recordings will go into Teachable for those unable to attend live. You’ll have access to any previous trainings for as long as your certification is active.

Q: Has anyone completed the training and is currently Coaching?

A: There are many people using my five step decluttering process with clients, so I’m excited to make it official! The course includes interviews with two people who are already using the process with their clients, and they give great insight into how it works for them and how they run their businesses.

Q: What kind of monthly training will be offered to certified coaches?

A: Monthly trainings will include Question and Answer sessions with me (with questions submitted through a form so you don’t have to be there live), information on how to set up some basic business things (using Calendly to schedule sessions, setting up and marketing your FB page, etc.), recorded one-on-one troubleshooting sessions with me and a coach, interviews with coaches about how they’re growing their business, teaching from coaches on something they’ve found works well for them, etc. It’s sure to grow and expand over time!

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: Just email us within 30 days of purchase (at aslobcomesclean@gmail.com) if this isn’t a fit for you, and we’ll refund your purchase.

Q: If I was to qualify and be listed on your site would it be compulsory for me to visit clients in their homes or could I just coach people virtually?

A: You will own your business to run however you would like! It is absolutely fine to only coach virtually.

Q: Do you offer a monthly payment plan for the becoming a coach course?

A: Yes! I set this up after someone asked. Go here for the 3 month payment plan.

Go here to get the Decluttering Coach Training Course!

If you’re ready to purchase, go here.¬†