Heart and Home Declutter Coaching

Declutter coaching through a Catholic lens.

Welcome friend! If you’re drowning in a great big mess I feel your pain, because it’s been my own. As Catholic women, we sometimes carry an extra burden of shame when it comes to our messy homes. God promised us peace, right? So why does life look and feel so chaotic?

Here’s the good news:

God shows up in our weakness, it’s where His glory shines.

Over the past decade, He’s been with me every step of the way, reordering my heart and my home, encouraging patience and gentleness towards myself, while building up my strength and confidence to move those (laundry) mountains, with His help!

As a certified Catholic Spiritual Director and Decluttering Coach, my specialty is in helping you declutter interior spaces to make room for the peace God desires in your heart and in your home.

Let’s begin again together with renewed hope in Him.

Karen Keays- Heart and Home Coach