Less is Best – Decluttering

Hi, I’m Jackie! I’m a certified decluttering coach that focuses on helping people simplify their spaces. I have always struggled with clutter and home organization, mainly because I have ADHD. I am also a busy mom and working professional, so I know about juggling many responsibilities.

I found Dana K. White and her methods in 2019 and it changed everything for me! I have also participated in the Take Your House Back course since its inception! I offer clients insight into the Clutterbug organizing system and encourage them to consider minimalism and what it can look like in their life.

I offer private virtual sessions for either 30 minutes ($25) or 1 hour ($50). Group virtual sessions are $18 and are 45 minutes long, the next group session will be in August 19th at 2 pm eastern time. I also offer in-person services in the Sarasota, FL area.

Follow on instagram @less_is_best_decluttering or on my website! Or reach out to me via email – lessisbestdecluttering@gmail.com .