Organize Your Space

Cori-Lynn Lemaitre
Organize Your Space, Sudbury, On Canada
Online services offered  internationally

We specialize in downsizing while providing support and resources for clients who are challenged by their possessions. We offer a full service which includes working with the client to remove unwanted clutter, delivering donations to local charities, items to the landfill, clean and organize their space.
We include a client maintenance plan for those who continue to feel challenged with their home organization, this is a unique service which goes beyond a regular cleaning service. Our clients enjoy their new spaces once the clutter has been removed, organizational solutions have been implemented as well as daily and weekly routines have been established. This is a lifestyle change and one that is welcomed by our clients. Everyone’s decluttering journey is different, we create project plans based on each clients needs and budget.

Services can be adapted for online sessions.
Together, we create a refreshed space for our clients.


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