Renee Gagnier — Trained and Certified Decluttering Coach, LLC

I’ve been an “organized” person my whole life. It wasn’t until the past few years that I realized the difference between decluttering and organizing. Where you see the real impact in improving your life is through decluttering. I want to help people realize the impact of having a peaceful and calm home. When we are stressed, our homes can bring mental balance and a sense of peace when other things in life are causing stress. Our homes should NOT be a source of added stress – they should be our sanctuary. The solution is to have less “stuff” in our homes. Having room to breathe, and space to live life, is so much more valuable than stuff. I help people work through the process of decluttering using a system that takes the emotion out of the process. Contact me for more details or to set up a judgement-free coaching session! I am available for in-person coaching in the greater Lansing area or for virtual online coaching sessions from any location.

Please contact me via e-mail at or on MY FACEBOOK PAGE.