Ryfka Heyman

Working languages: Dutch (Nederlands) and English.
Physical working area: Flanders & Brussels in Belgium.
Online working area: the whole online world.

My whole life I lived unintentionally with too much stuff in my house.
I love things. I love to keep them around in case I need them.
I was constantly moving my things around in my house.

Thanks to my divorce in 2016 I discovered I had kept too much stuff.
I started decluttering. I experienced the relief of managing less.

Since 2018 I have helped other people declutter their homes.

I guide you through your decluttering process.
This can be through online sessions and/or physically at your home.

There is always first an exploring contact to establish which help is appropriate for you.
If I am not the best option for you at this time, I will tell you so.

I work non-judgmental and discreetly.
If we agree upon it, I take max. 1 car of donations or trash with me when I help you at your home.

Contact me at contact@goedgeschikt.be or visit my website www.goedgeschikt.be