Through It All Decluttering – Amanda Velazquez


My name is Amanda from Through It All Decluttering. Do you feel like you’ve been through it all and now you need to go through it all again? I am here to help you go through it all without making a bigger mess.

I can be your motivator, your guide line, and sometimes your feet, all with the goal of bringing peace in your home through open space.

I’m a teacher by trade, and last year I went through an event that rocked my world. I’ve found peace and purpose in decluttering my home and helping others declutter their spaces as well. Reach out to me if you need someone who can sit with you in the emotional decluttering, the sentimental decluttering, and the decluttering that seems almost impossible after whatever life has put you through. I’m here for it all. Mostly, I’m here for you.


Website: Through It All Decluttering