Who is Dana K. White?

Dana K. White is the author of several books including the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Decluttering at the Speed of Life, How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind, and Organizing for the Rest of Us

Dana's Story

In 2009, Dana was completely overwhelmed by the state of her home after a lifetime of failed attempts to get it under control. She started an anonymous blog called A Slob Comes Clean as a way to stay focused and figure out how to change her home. She shared, with complete honesty and embarrassing photos, what she was doing, what worked, and what didn't.

The most transformative realization Dana had was that her brain didn't work in the same way a naturally organized person's brain works. Most organizing advice is written by naturally organized people, and this was why "traditional" organizing advice left her feeling lost, confused, and hopeless.

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Unexpected expert

As Dana shared the mindset changes and strategies that were transforming her home, she was shocked to find that others were learning from her how to make progress in their homes.

This is how Dana (much to her own - and her mother's - surprise) became the Decluttering Expert that hundreds of thousands of formerly hopeless home managers turn to for strategies that make sense to their brains and work in their homes.

As an author, speaker, podcaster, and YouTuber, Dana now teaches the decluttering strategies and mindset changes that helped her break through her overwhelm and intense attachments to stuff and remove truckloads of clutter from her own home.

No-Mess Decluttering

Dana K. White is best known for her No Mess Decluttering Method, a five-step decluttering process that prevents the declutterer from creating a bigger mess (the number one reason people overwhelmed by their homes put off decluttering). The process guarantees progress and only progress in any amount of time and helps build decluttering momentum. Dana hears from people every day who have changed their homes through this process when they were never able to declutter successfully before.

Because Dana's decluttering process focuses on facts and uses instinct-based questions that take emotions out of the equation, it works exceptionally well as a way to help others declutter.

Now, decluttering teacher

With her Speed of Life Decluttering Coach training and certification, Dana is excited to teach those who want to help others in their homes to communicate with their clients in a way that makes the experience a positive and successful one for all involved.

She's also excited to send her audience to coaches who have been trained in her strategies.

Dana serves as the translator between naturally organized people and naturally disorganized people, explaining key concepts required for a home to stay under control in a way that makes sense.

The container concept

This video is a great example of how Dana explains what she called The Container Concept, one of the biggest communication problems between those overwhelmed by their clutter and the people who want to help: