What is a decluttering coach & why should I hire one?

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Why hire a decluttering coach?

Dana K White's decluttering process removes emotions from the equation and helps you make decisions about each and every item in your home, either giving it a place to live or letting it go.

This fact and instinct based approach to decluttering acknowledges your emotions but keeps them from causing you to feel overwhelmed.

While the No Mess Decluttering Process is simple, you may benefit from having a coach help you work through your clutter. Our Speed of Life Decluttering Coaches will guide you through the decluttering process and help you experience real success in your home.

Our coaches won’t judge your home or your stuff. They’ll help you make decisions about what can stay and what should go. They will help you find homes for your favorite things where you’ll be able to locate them quickly and easily after they're gone.

A method that works for real people

"You are literally the first person who I have identified with about this subject!"

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What is a decluttering coach?

A Guide

A decluttering coach guides you through the decluttering process, helping you make decluttering decisions and experience decluttering success.


While each coach is unique, Speed of Life Decluttering Coaches have been trained to lead decluttering clients through Dana K White’s No Mess Decluttering Method.

Dana K White, author of Decluttering at the Speed of Life, has built a community of declutterers who have experienced huge success getting their homes under control. She teaches and guides through her books, podcasts, and videos.

Speed of Life decluttering coaches are trained by Dana to use her unique process and to understand the challenges faced by those who are overwhelmed by their clutter.

Dana’s five step No Mess Decluttering Process is designed to help you make progress and only progress, and never end up with a bigger mess. You'll learn how to make real progress in any amount of time, and you'll see huge progress when your coach is by your side.


Decluttering can be emotionally draining due to the feelings and memories attached to your things, and from the mental energy needed to make hard decluttering decisions.

Speed of Life decluttering coaches understand these challenges and are trained to help.

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A Proven Method

"Your book (Decluttering at the Speed of Life) seriously changed my life! I thought I was always going to feel like a disappointment to my husband and kids, but now I'm actually proud of the way my home looks!"

Logistics & Nitty Gritty Info

A few important things for you to know:

  • Each coach is an independent business owner and is responsible for following the laws and business guidelines in his/her state/location.
  • Each coach has her/his own unique personality and coaching style.
  • Coaches listed on this site have successfully completed the online Decluttering Coach Training Course, but for your safety, please check references.
  • Coaches are certified by but do not work for Pink Bandana Media, LLC or DeclutteringCoaches.com and are not employees of Dana K White.
  • Coaches set their own fees.

Dana K White does not receive any percentage of a coach’s fee. Coaches have paid for the training course and certified coaches pay to be members of the Speed of Life ongoing community and training, and to be listed here on this site.

Our coaches may use their own unique processes, informed by the training they’ve received from us, but if they are listed on our site, they have agreed to follow Dana’s five step process if you request that they do this.