How to be ready

for a decluttering coach

start where you are

Speed of Life Decluttering Coaches are ready to help you where you are right now! They understand the struggle and want to help you tackle your clutter, no matter how deep.

want to know what you're getting into?

Our coaches are trained to understand how their clients think about their stuff and to gently and respectfully guide them through the decluttering process. 

Each coach has a unique style, but is trained in Dana's five step, No Mess Decluttering Method. Tell them you want to use this method, and you won't be left with a space that is torn apart. 

The process is designed to bring progress and only progress so you cleaning out a closet doesn't mean the living room is left with an explosion of stuff. 

Please note that if a coach is listed in our directory, they have agreed to use the No Mess Decluttering Method if asked, so be sure to ask! 

Start Now SO you can Make Huge Progress with Your Coach

The best thing you can do to be ready to work with your Speed of Life Decluttering Coach is read Dana K White's book, Decluttering at the Speed of Life.

It is available in paperback, all e-reader formats, and audio. Most libraries carry all of Dana's books in their various formats.

In Decluttering at the Speed of Life, Dana teaches the mindsets and practical strategies that will change how you see your stuff and function in your home.

Dana also has huge amounts of free content available on the internet through her website, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

A few that might help you get started: 

Logistics & Nitty Gritty Info

A few important things for you to know:

  • Each coach is an independent business owner and is responsible for following the laws and business guidelines in his/her state/location.
  • Each coach has her/his own unique personality and coaching style.
  • Coaches listed on this site have successfully completed the online Decluttering Coach Training Course, but for your safety, please check references.
  • Coaches are certified by but do not work for Pink Bandana Media, LLC or and are not employees of Dana K White.
  • Coaches set their own fees.

Dana K White does not receive any percentage of a coach’s fee. Coaches have paid for the training course and certified coaches pay to be members of the Speed of Life ongoing community and training, and to be listed here on this site.

Our coaches may use their own unique processes, informed by the training they’ve received from us, but if they are listed on our site, they have agreed to follow Dana’s five step process if you request that they do this.