Clutter Chaos – United Kingdom

Hi. I’m Charlotte, after a traumatic loss I began decluttering my way through grief. I understand firsthand how difficult it can be to let go of sentimental items.

What I will do:
– Walk you through and educate you using Dana’s 5-step method
– Give you tips for maintaining even after I am gone
– Help you make your space work for you and your life
What I will NOT do:
– Make you spend money on an organisational system(s)
– Implement my own organisational systems

Using Dana’s method we will be able to get a day’s worth of decluttering work done in just a few hours. I offer two-hour long decluttering sessions both in-person and virtually, you can book using the Calendly link or contact me directly via email or telephone (+44) 7827 453559 via SMS or WhatsApp.

Connect with me on Instagram: @clutter_chaos