Roxie Martin Coaching

Hi, I’m Roxie! I help overwhelmed people declutter their brains and spaces. I’m a certified life coach specializing in ADHD as well as a certified decluttering coach using Dana’s methods.

I am not afraid of your mess- between the ears, on the floors, in the closets- It’s ok! Life is messy and beautiful and we’re all just figuring it out, together.

If cleaning a room is an all-day ordeal or if after cleaning, your space is back to disaster status before you’ve even had a chance to enjoy it, I’m here to help. You can have a peaceful home where you relax and feel proud. I know it because my own house is in maintenance mode now and I still can’t believe it!

The 5 Steps work! They are straightforward, intuitive, and effective. You will make progress and only progress and we will celebrate every win along the way!

If you have questions, please reach out!

Text 541 758-8171