Sherry Thuma

Is your home out of control? Are you avoiding inviting people over because of the state of your home?

That was me a few years ago. I often felt like a failure. But I turned things around, and now I’m here to help you do the same. As a certified Speed of Life Decluttering Coach in Dana K. White’s 5-Step Decluttering Method, I offer personalized coaching and support through the entire decluttering process.

Feeling overwhelmed or unsure where to start?

I understand, and I’ve been there. I found my way out, and I’m here to guide you step by step through the no mess method of decluttering. I offer a no mess decluttering and organizing service in-person in your McHenry County area home or online.

Contact Information:
Phone: 815-847-8339

You can learn more about my services by emailing me or calling me at the number above. Let’s work together to make your home the haven you deserve!