Terms & Conditions

  • Each coach is an independent business owner responsible for setting up their business properly.
  • Coaches set their own fees.
  • Dana K White does not receive any percentage of a coach’s fee. Coaches have paid for the training course and certified coaches pay to be members of the Speed of Life Decluttering Coaches ongoing community and training, and to be listed here on this site.
  • Certified coaches have successfully completed the decluttering coaching training, but do not work for and are not employees of Pink Bandana Media, LLC or Dana K White.
  • Each coach has her/his own personality and coaching style.
  • Our coaches may use their own unique processes, informed by the training they’ve received from us, but if they are listed on our site, they have agreed to follow Dana’s five step process if you request that they do this.
  • Coaches listed on this site have successfully completed the Speed of Life Decluttering Coach training, but have not been through any additional screening processes. Please check references.