Amy Nicholson

Amy Nicholson
Content Home Coaching

Syracuse, New York, In person at a reasonable distance, or over Zoom anywhere in the USA..
I’ve raised 4 kids, been a teacher, downsized, decluttered, learned to do my dishes every day, Let me coach you toward finding the home you love and can easily manage. (It’s right under all that clutter!) Using Dana’s 5 simple steps, together we can declutter any space in your home to the point where it functions for you. No shame, no blame — progress and only progress!

Hourly rate. We can tackle one space together, or your whole house over time. Whether homemaker or housemates, downsizing, organizing, habit building as a family, I’m happy to help!

Contact info:
Text me your name, number, and zip code. Let’s start making progress!
For a list of my rates, services, and in-person radius, please email me. Include your email address and phone number in the body of your message.