Clutter-Free by Chloe

Hi. I’m Chloe, a former educator and Montessori Mama of two little ones. I can’t wait to show you the impact of simply getting stuff out of your home.

Using Dana’s method we can get a whole days worth of decluttering done in just two hours! Don’t waste a day again. It doesn’t need to get worse before it gets better.

Reach out to set up a 2 hour declutter session with me either in person (for local clients) or virtually. $100

In addition to decluttering coaching, I love setting up practical organizational systems and Montessori aligned spaces. I draw on my experience in education facilitating classrooms, working in a Montessori school, and raising two children.

If you’re ready to make decluttering progress faster, reach out. I am in the Santa Barbara area 93117. I can’t wait to work you!

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Phone: (805) 455 7400