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Meet a coach

"My passion is to help seniors and those with mobility issues stay in their homes. Dana’s decluttering process works so well with my clients because it is based on the reality that emptying a space of all contents and then sorting is too overwhelming for seniors. Dana’s method is ideal because seniors can stop when tired and there is no pile at the end because every item was dealt with as the senior touched it."

Decluttering Coach Training

The basics:

There are two parts to becoming a Speed of Life Decluttering Coach! First, you must successfully complete the Decluttering Coach Training Course. This course includes instructional videos, audio files, and more as well as assessments designed to help you become proficient in leading your clients through the decluttering process and clearly communicating the concepts you're learning in the course.

You are welcome to use this training to build your business, and advertise yourself as trained by me in my methods.

If you would like to be certified as a Speed of Life Decluttering Coach and listed on this site, you'll be eligible for certification after you have successfully completed the training course. You may choose a monthly or yearly payment option for your certification fee.

What is included in training and certification?

Decluttering Coach Training Course - $500

In this course, Dana K White (author of Decluttering at the Speed of Life) teaches:

  • Three words that cause your decluttering and organizing clients to shut down
  • How I developed my process and the key disconnects and communication challenges between naturally organized and naturally disorganized people
  • My five step No Mess Decluttering Method and how to use it to coach others through the decluttering process.
  • How to understand your client and what they need from a coach
  • How to make function the goal
  • Maintenance training and ongoing support strategies that work for the overwhelmed client
  • Practical steps for working with clients

Please note that to finish the course,  you'll need verify that you have read Dana's books: Decluttering at the Speed of Life and How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind which are not included in the course but can be found wherever books are sold or checked out at your local library.

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Speed of Life Decluttering Coach Certification - $39/month or $400/year

After you have successfully completed all portions of the Decluttering Coach Training Course, you may choose to be certified. Certified coaches will pay a monthly or yearly fee which will give them:

  • The opportunity to create a profile to be listed in our coach database at declutteringcoaches.com/find-a-coach/
  • Monthly trainings from Dana K White and others and access to recordings of any past trainings, which include:
    • Scheduling clients with Calendly
    • Setting up an online platform for your business
    • Marketing Yourself and setting up processes for sustainable business
    • The incredible value of an email list when building your coaching business (and an email list setup demo)
    • Creating basic images to use in marketing your coaching business
    • Q&A sessions with Dana
    • Additional coaching session demos
  • Access to a private group in which they may interact with other Speed of Life Decluttering Coaches
  • Access to lesson plans and permission to teach one-hour or multi-week workshops of Dana's strategies as long as their certification is active
  • More as this program evolves

Have questions? See if we've answered them here: FAQs

Please note that coaches will be independent business owners and each coach will be responsible for setting up his/her business properly in his/her location. Coaches will set their own fees. While each coach will have a personal style and unique methods, to be listed on declutteringcoaches.com as a Speed of Life Decluttering Coach, coaches must agree to use Dana K White's No Mess Decluttering Method when a client requests.

We reserve the right to remove coaches from the database at our own discretion.

Become a Decluttering coach

Do you love the way decluttering has transformed your own life?

Do you want to help others declutter in a way that helps them break through attachments and experience success?

Are you a professional organizer who wants to communicate with your client in a way that helps them let go of their clutter?

Dana K White's methods have transformed homes through her books, podcasts and videos.

Learn how to use Dana's No Mess Decluttering Process with clients, understand what your clients need, and help others transform their homes into places they love!

Meet a coach

"When I go into clients' homes and teach them best practices for decluttering on their own, I always teach Dana K White's 'No Mess Decluttering Method.' It is the most efficient system of all that I have tried; it especially makes the most sense for people with young children who will inevitably get interrupted multiple times while doing any kind of house project! Her method is simple, easy to follow, and best of all, it WORKS!"
- Allison Rothwell, The Clutter Buster  Boston, MA
- Allison Rothwell, The Clutter Buster  Boston, MA