Declutter Willow Glen

Hi. My name is Patricia.  I started Declutter Willow Glen in order to spread the joy I have discovered by finally taking control over my house through decluttering.

If you are thinking about buying a larger house because you feel you need more space for your stuff, what I wish for you is try to declutter instead.  You will find that your house is just the right size once you declutter.  If you are moving, decluttering your home before you move will drastically improve the moving out and the moving in process.

I will coach you through these two scenarios and also any kind of decluttering scenario you need some help with. A garage you cannot park a car in? A messy closet?  I will not tell you to buy more containers to store your items.  I find that people just wind up with the same mess plus the mess of more containers when they do that!

Decluttering will improve your day to day lives.  Most importantly, it will improve your mental well being.

Contact me at to schedule a one hour session.