Cynthia Murray

Having struggled with clutter and organization myself, finding the answers that helped me has changed my life for the better, truly.

I am also an RN and have spent years going into the homes of patients/clients. Because I care for people and see their health in a holistic manner, I was really impacted by what I saw.

So many were struggling with near-hoarding tendencies and just the illness of too much.
I could see how this really affected not only their psychosocial health but their physical health as well.

As I looked further into decluttering and organizing, I realized that this would have a tremendous and positive effect on those who were willing to make a change.

With my nursing background, I also know how to take my time to listen and understand the needs of my clients.

My goal is to be a respectful and encouraging facilitator, coaching clients and helping them to live a clutter free life and have the skills to maintain this worthwhile practice.