IG Organizing & Decluttering Coach

Welcome, I am glad you are here! It takes courage to admit you are ready for help.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by clutter, paralyzed by where to start, or just don’t know what to do to calm the chaos of clutter in your home, I can help.

My name is Ida, I am a trained decluttering coach and professional organizer. I am kind, nonjudgmental, and compassionate, yet still firm and consistent. I will help you stay focused while teaching and coaching you through the process. Together we can make your home better!

I do most of my coaching online, if you are in Sonoma or Marin Counties CA we could do in person. More info and pictures on my website. Call, or send me a text and let’s get started. I am excited to work with you.

Online $60 an hour
In person $75 per hour