Lisa Seaman with The Decluttering Difference

Before finding Dana and learning her “Decluttering at the Speed of Life method”, I spent OVER 35 years trying to get organized but found myself drowning in piles and shifting stuff from one room to the next! When I first listened to Dana’s podcasts, I cried! I really thought everyone’s brain was the same as mine when it came to STUFF like this, and I was just lazy! Now, I know the DIFFERENCE and I have made so much progress over the past 2 years!

Why The Decluttering Difference? Because many of us ARE living at a DIFFERENT speed of life! Having worked for over 30 years with those dealing with chronic medical issues, mental health issues, or those caring for them, I’m uniquely qualified to understand your SPACE, and your PACE, and help you gain control of your home! I KNOW people NEED this and I know I’m meant to share it! I would love to help make a real and lasting DECLUTTERING DIFFERENCE in YOUR life!

Also, I’m a Certified Organizing Specialist trained by Cassandra Aarssen!

Services starting at $39!
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