Lisa Seaman with The Decluttering Difference

Before finding Dana, I spent OVER 35 years trying to get organized. I was drowning in piles, shifting them from one room to the next. Dana helped me recognize why, and it wasn’t laziness! Now, I know the DIFFERENCE and have made so much progress!

Why The Decluttering Difference? Many of us ARE living at a DIFFERENT speed of life! I’ve worked over 30 years with those dealing with chronic medical and/or mental health issues, or those caring for them, and am uniquely qualified to understand your SPACE, and your PACE, and help you gain control of your home! I KNOW people NEED this and that I’m meant to share it! Let me help you make a real and lasting DECLUTTERING DIFFERENCE in YOUR life!

I’m located in Lancaster, Pa. I service within a 60-to-90-minute drive for in-person but also do virtual sessions!

I’m also a Certified Organizing Specialist trained by Cas from Clutterbug!

Prices starting at $38 an hour. I also have a monthly group coaching community at only $50 a month!

My website: The Decluttering Difference