Next Steps

Please note that if you’ve landed on this page without completing the Decluttering Coach Training Course, you’ll need to purchase and complete that course before you can be eligible for certification. We (real people) double check everything before listing coaches.

Congratulations on finishing the Decluttering Coach Training Course! See the steps below for certification:

  1. Submit certification fees in monthly or yearly payments.
  2. Within Teachable, in Certification, find the link to submit your coach listing information.
  3. Within Teachable, in Certification, find the link to join the Decluttering Coaches Facebook group.
  4. Watch for an email from Linda Sears ( asking for any additional information or corrections to assessments needed.

Note: Linda grades assessments and processes new coaches for 2 hours in the early mornings on normal business days (weekdays excluding holidays). Feel free to reach out to her if you are concerned that your submission has been missed, but keep this schedule in mind. At heavy work times, it could take a few business days for your intake process to be completed.