KC Declutter Coaching

I’m Kim,
I have been married over 40 years. I am retired from the banking industry with a background in customer service. I understand the challenges of raising a family and home management while working full time. My only regret is that I didn’t have Dana’s No Mess Decluttering method back then.

I’ll help you by using Dana’s No Mess method to declutter your home . I want your home to be easy to maintain and a place your family will love to come home to.

Contact me to schedule your free 15 minute consultation. Limited in person sessions are available. In person rates $45.00 for the first hour, $35.00 for each additional hour. In person requires a 2 hour minimum and 4 maximum. Zoom session $35.00 for the first hour and $25.00 for each additional hour.

Contact me at (864)981-1788 or email me at kcdeclutter@gmail.com. Follow me on Facebook at KC Declutter Coaching and Instagram at kc_declutter_coaching.