Cecilia Girga

Welcome to Arizona! My name is Cecilia Girga, and I am a Health & Wellness Lifestyle Coach. I am also a Certified Decluttering Coach. What does clutter have to do with health and wellness? I firmly believe that our environment can impact our health for the better or worse. Living with lots of stuff in

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Lois Pierson

I am the owner of a business called “Cleaner By the Minute”. I not only clean homes, but also help to organize them. I am a Certified Professional Organizer, as well as a Decluttering Coach, trained by Dana K. White. I have learned through my organizing experience that unless you have decluttered, you can’t completely organize.

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Lindsey Gustad

I have always struggled to let go of things. My family still jokes about how I returned the money the tooth fairy left for me so that I could have my baby teeth back instead! I spent years feeling overwhelmed and ashamed of my messy home but had no clue how to even start. Little

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Paige Kullman

Dana’s process works in real life and in changing seasons. If you follow them, you will see and feel change. If you’d like accountability with the process, or to talk through how it applies in your unique season, I’m here to help. We’ll use Dana’s No Mess Method and work on mindset shift to equip

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Samantha Artz

Hello! My name is Sam Artz and I am decluttering coach based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Whether you are drowning in paper clutter, kids’ toys, kitchen gadgets or *all the clutter* (that was me!!) let me come alongside you and get that overwhelm under control! Dana’s practical, easy to maintain methods revolutionized my home and I

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