In Person

Lois Pierson

I am the owner of a business called Cleaner By the Minute. I not only clean homes, but also help to organize them. I am certified as a Professional Organizer as well as a Decluttering Coach. I have learned through my Organizing experiences that unless you have decluttered, you can’t completely organize. Let me help …

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An Eclectic Mama

Hi there! My name is Sariah. My whole life I have been avid learner and dabbled in numerous hobbies and interests. This led to a habit of collecting way more items in my home than I could manage! The No Mess Decluttering Method has transformed my home and my way of thinking about my belongings. …

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Ryfka Heyman

Working languages: Dutch (Nederlands) and English. Physical working area: Flanders & Brussels in Belgium. Online working area: the whole online world. My whole life I lived unintentionally with too much stuff in my house. I love things. I love to keep them around in case I need them. I was constantly moving my things around …

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The Clutter Sweep

Hello. My name is Kirsty, also known as The Clutter Sweep. I am a professional declutterer and live with my family in Hampshire, U.K. As a neurodiverse adult with a lived experience of hoarding, I have faced decluttering challenges over many years and, perhaps like you, tried a variety of approaches, methods and tools around …

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Lindsey Gustad

I have always struggled to let go of things. My family still jokes about how I returned the money the tooth fairy left for me so that I could have my baby teeth back instead! I was overwhelmed and ashamed of my messy home for years and years. I read countless books, watched hours of …

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Paige Kullman

I got certified as a Decluttering Coach because Dana’s process works in real life and in changing seasons. If you follow them, you will see and feel change. It’s a process though, and sometimes we need help and accountability with a new process. That’s where I come in. We’ll use Dana’s No Mess Method and …

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Eileen’s Green N Clean LLC

Hello! I specialize in coaching seniors and those with mobility issues declutter their homes. Allow me to be the feet that take items to where you would look for them first using Dana’s no mess method. I also provide cleaning and flower bed maintenance. Serving Northeast Ohio Call or email Eileen at 440-829-5796

Samantha Artz

Hello! My name is Sam Artz and I am decluttering coach based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Whether you are drowning in paper clutter, kids’ toys, kitchen gadgets or *all the clutter* (that was me!!) let me come alongside you and get that overwhelm under control! Dana’s practical, easy to maintain methods revolutionized my home and I …

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Carefree Decluttering

I tried for years to use other supposedly “magical” ways of cleaning out my house before I found Dana’s methods. I now have a fully functional home that is cleaner than before I had children. I love sharing my tricks and tips with others so they can have an early maintainable home. I also love …

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